Great prospects from AXERIA’s entry into the Cyprus Insurance Market

Great prospects from AXERIA’s entry into the Cyprus Insurance Market

During an impressive event, SoEasy Insurance alongside with New Box Insurance welcomed AXERIA IARD to the Cyprus Insurance Market, in a setting that combined progress with tradition.

AXERIA is a French Insurance Company with thirty years of experience and expertise in multiple damage insurance for businesses. Based in Lyon and holding an A- rating from the international house AM Best, the company puts proximity at the heart of its model.

AXERIA’s products are available in the Cypriot market thanks to their exclusive collaboration with New Box Insurance and the distribution is carried out by SoEasy Insurance.

During his opening speech at the event, the CEO of SoEasy Insurance, Yiannis Nicolaou, emphasized the importance for the company to build long-term relationships with companies of international scope and high solvency.

He summed up by saying that “our collaboration with companies of AXERIA’s size and prestige add value to the entire ecosystem of both our company and I would dare to say, the Insurance Industry of our country”.

Panos Ioannou, CEO of New Box Insurance, expressed his joy and gratification for AXERIA’s integration into the Cypriot market, which is a continuation of the company’s collaboration with the Arch group, to which AXERIA belongs.

The CEO of AXERIA was also present at the event, Sébastien Seux, who, after expressing his own joy and contentment for this collaboration, presented the company’s history, strategy and values.

The Head of Programs of Arch RE, Valantis Elpidorou, explained AXERIA’s connection and strategic positioning with Arch group, expressing his gratification for the continuous cooperation at group level with SoEasy Insurance and New Box Insurance.

The event was attended by a delegation of the Pancypriot Association of Professional Insurance Intermediaries (PSEAD), while the president of the association, Panos Tsiolis, addressed a brief greeting.

A delegation of the Panhellenic Federation of Insurance Intermediaries (POAD) was also invited to the event, while the president, Ilias Tsolakis, also addressed a greeting.

SoEasy Insurance’s commitment is to continue working together with the new partner, in order to offer innovative insurance products that the market and fulfill their customers need!

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