Employers Liability

Employers’ liability insurance covers the costs when, and if an employee asks for compensation for an illness or injury they believe has been caused by their work. Therefore, the insurance covers the compensation payment and legal costs, up to the limit of the policy. The following are the minimum limits provided (as specified by law): (1.) for every single employee – €160.000, (2.) per incident – €3.417.203, and (3.) for the period of insurance (one year) – €5.125.804. In addition, there is an option of increasing the limits of indemnity to match your individual needs. The policy also covers abroad, for employees who are permanent residents of Cyprus.

Keep in mind that this policy excludes some situations/events. The following are not included in the coverage:

  • War, acts of terrorism, loss, damage, or liability arising from nuclear weapons material and radioactive contamination
  • Liability to subcontractors’ employees
  • Liability arising from the use of Motor Vehicle
  • Fines, penalties
  • The liability assumed under an agreement
  • Asbestosis

Who can benefit from Employer’s Liability Policy?

Individuals with domestic employees, shopkeepers, factory owners, hoteliers, and others (professionals, businessmen, and organizations) who employ persons for more than 8 hours per week.

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