What Travel Insurance Covers: The most important coverages

Summer is just around the corner and many of us have already started planning summer vacations. After a tedious year, summer always seems like the perfect opportunity to escape from our routine, while it fills us with carefree memories in dreamy destinations.

However, the unexpected can happen at the worst time, when we least expect it. Thus, especially if one is traveling abroad, travel insurance is an important protection measure, covering various aspects that can affect our trip.

Below you will find the main coverages in a travel insurance policy and what you need to know about them. Whether there are coverages included in all plans, or something you could choose additionally, it’s crucial to be aware of what Travel Insurance will offer you.

It is very important that you read the coverage table, as well as the policy, to make sure of what is included.

Medical Expenses

Covering Medical Expenses due to injury or sudden illness is one of the most vital aspects of travel insurance. It covers medical expenses that may arise during your trip, such as emergency medical treatment, hospitalization, medication and other medical services.

In the event of a serious injury or illness that forces you to interrupt your trip, there is coverage that includes transportation to your country of origin (repatriation) for further treatment. This coverage is useful for travelers visiting countries with high medical costs, or with limited access to a good quality of medical care.

SoEasy Travel Insurance policy also covers Hospitalization Expenses due to Covid, as well as emergency Dental Care, up to the amount of 250 euros.

Baggage Loss or Delay

Baggage loss or delay is another significant cover in Travel Insurance. It covers the cost of replacing your lost or stolen personal items, as well as the cost of purchasing bare necessities, such as clothing and toiletries, should your baggage be delayed at your destination.

This coverage is very important when you are traveling with valuable items, or have arrived at your destination and your bags haven’t, which could be a great inconvenience.

This coverage has specific limits per item, or per bag, as well as a maximum amount of compensation for each case.

Trip Cancellation

Trip cancellation is another important cover in travel insurance. It covers expenses already paid concerning your trip, which cannot be refunded if you need to cancel them due to unforeseen events.

These events may include serious illness or injury, death of a family member, natural disasters, strikes or other emergencies.

Under this cover you will claim compensation for non-refundable expenses, such as airline tickets and hotel bookings.

Personal Liability

Personal liability coverage protects the traveler in any case they cause an accident or damage to third parties during the trip. Among these may be damage to property or bodily harm to other people. Personal liability covers legal costs and damages that may arise, thus it’s an important financial protection.

Travel Delay

Travel delay covers expenses that may arise due to unforeseen delays during your trip, such as hotel accommodation, meals and transport. This coverage is important when there are delays in flights or other means of transport that can affect your plans and cause you extra expenses.

Other coverages

The above are just some of the coverages that Travel Insurance plan could include. Below you can find some other coverages briefly mentioned that you may find in Travel Insurance plans.

  • Personal Accidents
  • Partial or Total Disability
  • Money Loss
  • Remains Repatriation
  • Rescue expenses from mountain or sea
  • Kidnapping
  • Minor Accompaniment in case of Illness or Accident of the Insured

With SoEasy Travel Insurance becomes so easy!

At SoEasy we’ve turned travel insurance into child’s play. All you need to do is visit our website and in a few seconds you will have the offer on your screen. That’s it!

You can see your coverages in detail and read the policy before it is finalized, so there are no surprises after the payment. What about the price? It is so low that it’s not worth the risk of not insuring your trip this year.

If you’d rather just receive a ready plan, you can contact an insurance broker from our network, who will take care of everything for you!

Note: For the exact terms and coverage of each insurance plan, please refer to your policy and the Insurance Product Information Document.

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