Credit Insurance

Credit Insurance is a policy that protects businesses from unpaid invoices for products or services provided to customers.

This coverage facilitates businesses to operate more securely, while being able to expand, without the fear of late payments or customer insolvency.

What Credit Insurance offers

The Credit Insurance Services are summarized below:

  • Prevention: Financial and transactional evaluation of the insured company customers, in order to protect the business from any risks.
  • Compensation: Compensation in a predetermined period, for any uncollectible company‚Äôs debts, enhancing its liquidity.
  • Claim: We offer support to our clients for cases regarding damages, in order to maximize the possibility of collection.

Credit Insurance Benefits

Credit Insurance offers many benefits to businesses. Some of them are the following:

  • Excellent Credit Risk and Market Intelligence
  • Improved quality of Credit Control
  • Optimal management and credit risks minimization
  • Dynamic Commercial Policy
  • Safe Extension to new and existing customers
  • Safe growth abroad and in new markets
  • Company’s assets, funds and liquidity protection
  • Better collaboration with customers and suppliers
  • Improved access to the banking system under better terms
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