Our People

We believe that our people are the greatest asset of the company. We distinguish the enthusiasm and professionalism, love for our work and creation. Our team consists of professionals in the field of insurance and information technology who co-work combining a thorough theoretical training with extensive experience and constant updating and research.

Employee Name Job Title Int. Extension Company Telephone Number Main Loca on Email
Yiannis Nicolaou Managing Director 255 99452212 Limassol y.nicolaou@soeasyinsurance.com.cy
Catalina Popa Chief Opera ng Officer 253 99670445 Limassol catalina@soeasyinsurance.com.cy
Aggelos Panayi Non Motor Business Manager 246 99999011 Larnaca a.panayi@soeasyinsurance.com.cy
Panos Ioannou Business Development Consultant 223 99540101 Nicosia bd@soeasyinsurance.com.cy
Accounts & Administrators 77774567 info@soeasyinsurance.com.cy
Marianna Michail Accounts Officer Assistant 254 25028687 Limassol cc@stalagmite.com.cy
Theano Xenophontos Claim Assistance Officer 228 96144244 Nicosia claims@soeasyinsurance.com.cy
Ana Railean SoEasy Administrator 96999499 info@soeasyinsurance.com.cy
Theodoros Sofokleous SoEasy Administrator 252 96858585 Limassol nonmotor@soeasyinsurance.com.cy
Savvas Liasis SoEasy Administrator 99419130 Nicosia sav vas.liasis@soeasyinsurance.com.cy
Key Accounts Managers & Insurance Coordinators
Lakis Kyprianou Associates& Affiliates Network Development 99199919 Limassol l.kyprianou @soeasyinsurance.com.cy
Anastasia Christofidou Associates& Affiliates Network Development 99999012 Limassol a.christofidou@soeasyinsurance.com.cy
Solon Tanos Associates& Affiliates Network Development 99679444 Limassol soltan@cytanet.com.cy
Vaso Christofi Associates& Affiliates Network Development 244 99999013 Larnaca v.christofi@soeasyinsurance.com.cy
Andreas Mavroma s Associates& Affiliates Network Development 99266669/96200200 info@soeasytravelinsurance.com
Limassol Branch Despinas Pa chi 2, 3071 Limassol 70008025 / 25055555 Limassol
Iuliana (Popa) Balan Customer Service Advisor 251 96315080 limassol@soeasyinsurance.com.cy
Ariadne Demetriou Customer Service Advisor 220 99670447 info @soeasyinsurance.com.cy
Nicosia Branch Acropoleos 53, 2012 Strovolos 70008020 / 22055055 Nicosia
Customer Service Advisor 221 96333211 nicosia@soeasyinsurance.com.cy
Larnaca Branch Griva Digeni 3 Megaro Karagiorgi 6045 70008024 / 24022022 Larnaca
Eleni Moutsi Customer Service Advisor 242 96034567 larnaca@soeasyinsurance.com.cy
Nina Nta dou Customer Service Advisor 240 96234567 larnaca@soeasyinsurance.com.cy
Paphos Branch Nicolaou Nicolaide 53, Andri-Melina Court 1&2 8010 70008026 / 2602222 Paphos
Customer Service Advisor 260 96315155 paphos@soeasyinsurance.com.cy
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