Your Career’s Safety Net: Dive Deep into Professional Liability Insurance!

It is certain that currently both businesses and freelancers are required to operate in an environment characterized mainly by instability and uncertainty. On the one hand, this is the result of external factors and events that companies cannot predict and avoid, such as the recent examples of the pandemic and the war, while on the other hand, the pace at which factors such as technology and consumer trends change is extremely fast.

In this uncertain environment, organizations and freelancers have the obligation and the ability, whenever it is possible, to take measures that will minimize or eliminate various risks that surround them.

A reliable way to do this is to sign specific insurance contracts, because in this way one can transfer the responsibility and worry from the entrepreneur to the insurance company, relaxing him a bit more in the daily struggle to achieve certain goals.

What is Professional Liability Insurance?

Professional Liability Insurance is a commercial risk policy designed to protect business owners and self-employed people against claims by their clients for any damage that happened as a result of wrongful advice or action.

Who needs Professional Liability insurance and what does it offer?

Any organization that provides professional services or advice can be sued, if the client is not happy with the services provided and feels they have been harmed in any way.

Professional liability insurance is designed to protect organizations that provide services in the event that these services have caused damage to third parties.

Is Professional Liability Insurance mandatory?

Mandatory is considered any insurance by law or regulation, imposed on individuals or businesses to cover their legal liability or their property. In our country, regarding Professional Liability, it is mandatory for 6 different professions.

These are insurance intermediaries, real estate agents, lawyers, for whom it is required for the issuance of the license to practice their profession, certified accountants, for whom it is required based on the manual of the Cyprus Association of Certified Accountants (SELC), consulting firms, insolvency consultants and health care providers based on the decision of the Health Insurance Organization (HIO).

What we offer at SoEasy Insurance

SoEasy Insurance, with long-term expertise in the field of professional liability insurance, in addition to the above professions, for which insurance is mandatory, provides coverage for even more professions. These are:

  • Architects and Engineers
    • Auditors
    • Directors and Officers
    • Professional Coaches & Mentors

By choosing SoEasy Insurance’s Professional Liability insurance you protect yourselves against loss or damage arising as a result of any civil liability claim.

Why choose SoEasy?

At SoEasy Insurance, as insurance brokers, we exclusively represent our clients who wish to insure themselves by looking for the best solutions available in the market.

SoEasy Insurance’s professional liability products are designed to meet today’s demands and challenges of every profession, protecting businesses and professionals from the financial impact that a wrong advice could have.

Contact us today, in any way you’d prefer and our specialized staff and insurance mediators are ready to offer you the appropriate guidance so that you can adapt your insurance coverage to your own needs.

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