3+1 essential tasks to protect your home this Fall!

Fall has arrived and the weather is slowly changing! As the leaves begin to fall from the trees, one of the most important things we all need to take care of is to prepare our home for the winter season.  September is the ideal month to do some maintenance work, which can help us protect our home from damage that could be caused if we neglect it.

If you don’t want to be found unprepared by winter, then you should take care of these 4 simple tasks we have prepared for you this month!

  1. Central Heating Maintenance

For those who have the privilege of central heating in their houses, winter will be a little warmer! But only if they take care of something very important, its proper maintenance!

Central heating maintenance is very important, because, if neglected, it can be a possible danger that could cause damage to our home. Also proper maintenance by a professional can improve the system’s performance and as a result we will save energy and money. Finally, a properly functioning central heating system emits less pollutants into the atmosphere.

  1. Clean your gutters

Another critical maintenance task is cleaning the gutters, so that in case of rain, the water can easily and without obstacles fall down from our house’s roof.

Gutters with trash inside them, such as leaves, dust or rubbish, cannot remove the water from our roof, resulting in the risk of flooding and causing serious damage to the building and its contents. Even if we don’t get flooded, blocked gutters can cause moisture and as a result, mold in the house, which can be harmful to our health as well.

Thus gutters should be cleaned regularly, at least once a year and it can be done either by you, or by a professional.

  1. Clean and inspect the Fireplace and its chimney

For those who have a fireplace, this is perhaps the most critical task to do in the fall, since combustion residues can cause a fire with devastating consequences.

Whether you have an energy fireplace or a regular one, its maintenance is a task that should not be neglected. Apart from safety which is the most important reason, proper fireplace maintenance will ensure its best performance and as a result provide more heat with less fuel.

  1. Review your Insurance 

Since we’re in maintenance mode, it’s a good opportunity to make sure we have our home properly insured. Fall is a good opportunity to talk to our Insurance Agent and confirm some important things.

  • Insured Home Value: During the last 18 months the average cost of construction materials increased by more than 15%, while in certain categories of materials, it’s even more than that. If you didn’t revise your insured home value recently, now it’s a good time to consult your insurer.
  • Coverage Range: All SoEasy Insurance policies offer coverage from the most common damage causes to our homes, such as Fire, Flood, Earthquake and more. However, if you do not have the VIP Platinum package, you can upgrade your coverage to include short circuit, alternative accommodation or debris removal as well.

If you do not have your home insured currently with SoEasy Insurance, call us on 96234567 or send us an email at info@soeasyinsurance.com.cy and our qualified staff and our insurance agents will be at your disposal to offer the right plan for you.

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