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SoEasy Travel Insurance launches an innovative Affiliate Program!

SoEasy Travel Insurance launches an innovative Affiliate Program!

Become a partner of SoEasy Travel Insurance with the Affiliate Program and start earning money!

SoEasy Travel Insurance, one of the leading travel insurance companies in Cyprus and Greece, has launched a new Affiliate Program. This innovative program allows the company’s partners to promote travel insurance plans of SoEasy Travel Insurance, for a commission.

The program is extremely easy and simple to use, while it provides a number of benefits to its partners, including:

  • A wide range of travel insurance plans for end consumers to choose from
  • Easy and simple way to get an offer and buy a plan
  • An easy-to-use registration program for partners
  • High commission
  • Partner Support

The program’s operation is so simple because it has been created according to the standards of large affiliate programs abroad. Through the Affiliate Link that each partner has access to, they can promote SoEasy Travel Insurance plans to the public and when someone buys a plan, they benefit from the high commission!

The program is valid for:

  • Insurance Intermediaries
  • Websites related to insurance
  • Columnists
  • Influencers
  • Travel Agents
  • Tourist Websites

“We are excited to launch our affiliate program, offering more people the opportunity to secure safety for their travel,” said Yiannis Nikolaou, CEO of SoEasy Insurance Brokers, the parent company of SoEasy Travel Insurance. “We believe that this program provides a unique opportunity to our partners to earn money, by promoting our premium travel insurance plans to travellers.”

Those who are interested, they can submit an expression of interest for the SoEasy Travel Insurance program, while they can find more information at the link below.

About SoEasy Travel Insurance

SoEasy Travel Insurance is one of the leading travel insurance companies in Cyprus and Greece, offering safety to thousands of travellers against unexpected events during their travels. SoEasy Travel Insurance offers a wide range of insurance plans for travellers to choose from, including plans for individual, family and business travel. The company also offers a number of additional insurance plans, such as trip cancellation, baggage loss and medical expenses.

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