It’s simple! Home Insurance is not a luxury!

Certainly, our house is the most valuable asset for every person and family! Our home is much more than just walls that surround us. It is a place where we make memories, laugh, cry and rest after a long day. For many of us home is our favorite place to be in the world – a safe harbor and refuge, especially during difficult times in our lives.

However, despite its undeniable value, many people neglect to protect it and just leave it be. A lot of them just think “nothing will happen” and they decide not to insure it, but they also don’t know that with just a small amount of euros a month, they can offer themselves and their family safety and peace of mind. Not insuring our home, not only puts the building as a structure at risk, but even our loved ones.

The Importance of Home Insurance

Today, there are a lot of reasons that make our home insurance more important than ever. Whether it is natural disasters, such as earthquakes, floods and fires, or the human factor, i.e. theft and vandalism, our home is certainly exposed and it is our obligation to our family to have it protected.

Home insurance may not prevent, most of the time, a catastrophic event from happening, but it is the way to protect ourselves from the financial costs from damages, while with the right coverage, it will make these difficult moments a little easier.

Winston Churchill used to say that if he could, he would write the word INSURANCE on every family’s door, because he was convinced that with a small cost of an insurance policy, each family could secure their safety against disasters that would otherwise crush them forever. Let’s just think of a family with an average income and no other assets, could it ever be possible for them to rebuild their home after a total disaster, if it wasn’t insured. The answer is probably clear, but let’s break it down a bit more below!

Cost Vs Benefits

To make things simpler for our readers, it is worth doing a home insurance cost and benefit comparison for a family.

For example, we have an average house of 150 square meters, the cost to rebuild it, based on current values of construction materials, and would be approximately around 250,000 euros, while for the house interior, like furniture, or equipment, a total of around 45,000 euros would be necessary.

How much then does it cost to insure our home, building and its contents for 295k? The cost to insure a house in Nicosia with SoEasy Insurance, based on the above data, starts from just 250 euros, depending on the coverage and benefits plan that one chooses.

Thus, the cost does not exceed 1 euro per day. Not even the price for a cup of coffee!

Now, the benefits? Let’s consider that even in the case of a total disaster, apart from the exemption provided by our contract, our insurance company will undertake coverage of all the remaining costs.

Supposedly we have a small relative loss of 20,000. This would mean that if we haven’t insured our house and just save the money ourselves for such an event, we would have to save 500 euros for a total of 40 years.

The above example is very helpful to understand the cost and benefit connection regarding home insurance.

SoEasy made Home Insurance easy

Focusing on the customer’s experience, SoEasy Insurance offers the possibility to choose between 5 different plans that include a large number of coverage, therefore they can protect your home from the most common causes, but also from the most unusual risks that threaten it.

Starting with the simplest SoEasy Insurance plan, one will find more than 20 unique coverage, while in the most inclusive plan, VIP PLATINUM, the company offers absolute coverage and protection, contributing to peace of mind from the unexpected risks that threaten our home every day.

SoEasy Insurance’s VIP Platinum home insurance plan includes more than 40 unique coverage that protects your home from all the unexpected events that may happen.

In addition to protecting your home from damages that can occur from fire, lightning, earthquake, storm, flood, explosion, theft and more, SoEasy Insurance’s VIP Platinum plan also covers civil liability for you and your family, thus protecting you in any case that a third party is injured or their property suffers damages, within your property or if any liability arises from you or any member of your family, outside your residence as well.

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