What are the most common accidents in kindergartens?

A big concern that parents usually have when sending their children to daycare, is whether they will be adequately safe.

However this is also a concern for the kindergarten teachers, caregivers and owners of these institutions, as they are aware of the responsibility they bear.

The need to supervise children

It is necessary for educational and childcare facilities to be properly insured at all levels. As younger the children are, the greater their need for supervision, as they are unable to distinguish potential sources of danger. Their innate curiosity, the need to discover the world and to explore, combined with their ignorance of danger leads to accidents. Therefore it’s very important for educational and child care facilities to be properly prepared.

The younger a child is, the higher the accidents frequency to which they may be exposed.

The most common accidents in kindergartens

School accidents are characterized as accidents that occur during the transport, stay and departure of students from schools and kindergartens.

Some of the most common children accidents are the following: falling, poisoning, inhalation of foreign bodies resulting in suffocation, burns (can occur via contact with hot metals, power cables, sockets, chemicals), electric shock, injuries from sharp objects.

Furniture with sharp edges, glass surfaces and toys, inappropriate for their age, are also considered as dangerous.

Injuries from insect, snake and scorpion bites are likely to occur, especially in rural areas.

It is also worth mentioning the risk of a car accident, when transporting children by school bus.

Regarding the above mentioned, the most common school accident is falling from a height, while 50% of incidents occur during recess.

Daycare facilities owners and employees liability

It is important for every daycare center to apply all the appropriate safety measures, in order to minimize accident chances occurring while the daycare facility is operating.

If this is neglected, then an accident may damage the institution’s reputation and induce high financial costs. Thus, it is important that the owners and employees of daycare facilities, apply appropriate protective measures for children. This means that the facility must be designed with a safety perspective for children, while the staff should be well trained to react promptly and professionally to the children’s daily needs.

Every owner of such a business must be properly insured, so that, even in the case of an accident for which they are legally responsible, they can avoid paying huge compensations, which could potentially have disastrous consequences.

Liability Insurance is an absolutely essential insurance product for every daycare center.

SoEasy Insurance innovative insurance product

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