An innovative insurance plan from SoEasy Insurance for Kindergartens

SoEasy Insurance Brokers, loyal to the strategy of providing innovative insurance solutions, has announced the new and innovative Public Liability insurance plan launch, designed specifically for the operation of Nurseries and Kindergartens.

This new insurance product, from SoEasy Insurance Brokers, offers the best protection to institutions that care for the children’s future. Designed following the unique needs and responsibilities of caring for young children, this new insurance product from SoEasy Insurance is a complete solution to ensure the children’s safety and protection.

Public Liability Insurance for Nurseries and Kindergartens offers a wide range of coverage, providing protection against third-party claims for material damage and body injuries, due to acts or omissions of the insured. The contract also covers defence costs, as well as fees and court costs.

Specifically, the policy covers the civil liability of the Insured and their employees, from acts of negligence or omissions, for body injury and property damage, which will be caused to third parties, including infants, toddlers, parents and guardians, visitors or education inspectors. Coverage could be extended to body injuries caused to infants and toddlers by food poisoning.

A requirement for this coverage provision is a relevant operating approval from the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth, in accordance with the provisions of the Private Schools Law, 2019.

The Insured can choose the amount of the coverage, while it can reach up to 250 thousand.

Yiannis Nikolaou, CEO of the company emphasized, “The launch of this insurance product is a part of our strategy to design products, focused on the needs of each business or a specific group of our fellow citizens. Civil Liability for Nurseries and Kindergartens is designed according to their distinctiveness and the protection of our children.”

More information can be found following the below link.

Public Liability for Kindergartens

For those interested to learn more information, they can contact the specialized staff of our company, on 77 774567, or an insurance consultant of our company’s extensive network.

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