SoEasy Insurance is the first insurance company in their line of business to accept Cryptocurrencies

SoEasy Insurance Brokers, true to their philosophy of continuous innovation, has started from January 1, 2024 accepting cryptocurrencies for the insurance premiums payment from the customers.

This development confirms the company’s commitment to innovation and adaptability to new technology trends.

This innovative technological solution is initially applied to Travel Insurance, while the company’s plans are to gradually extend it to other types of insurance, over the next time-period. The implementation of this solution marks a new milestone in the Cyprus Insurance Market, making SoEasy Insurance a pioneer in accepting digital currencies.

SoEasy Insurance CEO, Mr. Yiannis Nikolaou, said: “The decision to start accepting cryptocurrencies for insurance premiums payment reflects our dynamic approach and adaptability to the modern needs of our customers. We believe this step will enhance flexibility and offer more choices to our policyholders, while at the same time establishing our position as a leader in the insurance market.”

SoEasy Insurance understands the need for continuous innovation and is constantly looking for new technological solutions, while always offering services that are in line with the wishes and needs of their customers.

The payment process using cryptocurrencies is carried out via one of the largest and most valid cryptocurrency exchange platforms. The only thing a customer has to do is choose the specific payment method and connect to their account on the specific platform.

The new service is currently available to purchase travel insurance from For more details, you can contact the company’s customer service department.

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