How SoEasy Insurance partners can increase their sales in 2024!

As we already are into 2024, businesses and professionals have set their own goals for this year.

The process of setting goals is very familiar to all Insurance Intermediaries and we are certain that all professionals in our industry, have already created their plans and started working towards their goals accomplishment.

SoEasy Inurance, as a company focused on Professional Insurance Intermediary, with an expanded network of partners, works daily to offer them all the necessary tools to achieve their goals.

From the first day of our operation we believe that every insurance intermediary should take advantage of technology. For this reason, we offer to our partners a complete digital platform, where they can easily and simply help their customers, saving valuable time, which in the past was consumed in bureaucratic procedures.

SoEasy’s technology philosophy

Loyal to the above mentioned philosophy, SoEasy Insurance is constantly looking for new ways to utilize technology, with priority given to tools and solutions that make our partners everyday life easier, while also providing added value to the end customer.

A typical example of this is the launch of crypto currency payments from the 1st day of the New Year.

Insurance Intermediary & Digital Insurance

A big debate that has been going on for years in the insurance industry is whether the development of digital insurance distribution channels is against the interest of insurance intermediaries.

As a company that likes to focus on the solution and not the problem, in recent years we have been working to offer tools to our insurance advisors network, so that they can be active in the digital sales part.

The Affiliate Links solution

Through SoEasy Plus platform, each affiliate insurance advisor has access to their own Affiliate Links, which they can either share with their clients, or even better, they can add them to their website, so that clients can, at any time, purchase a contract for these products online.

In this way, each insurance consultant in our network can have specific insurance policies online, offering their customers an easy way to buy plans, while, at the same time, not losing the benefits of the sale.

Products with Affiliate Links

SoEasy Insurance offers the above solution for Travel Insurance and Medical Care for Foreigners products.

These are two simple products that any insurance advisor’s customers can purchase online, saving both sides valuable time, while the customer has an easygoing experience.

Partners that require more details, or assistance, regarding Affiliate Links use, may contact their coordinator in charge.

Insurance advisors that are not part of our network, can learn more about all the benefits our partners have here, while they can also fill out the relevant form so we can contact them.

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