How to protect yourself and your property from tornadoes

As the residents of Limassol recently experienced, tornadoes are one of the most violent and destructive natural phenomena. They can be triggered during a storm, they advance very quickly, making it impossible to issue a warning prior to this event.

In this article, we will share some ways to protect our own selves, our loved ones and of course our property.

How can you protect your property from tornadoes?

A tornado outbreak can happen anywhere, any time. It is important to check as often as possible the weather forecast and keep yourselves informed about any weather changes, because in this way you will be able to ensure, as much as you can, your home’s safety.

Firstly, you have to remove from outdoor areas (balconies or garden) any objects that can be carried away by the tornado and cause damage to properties, or to people, such as furniture, pots, toys, tools, bins etc.

If you have any trees in your garden, it is important to look after them and trim them regularly, so the branches cannot possibly fall on your windows or your roof and cause damage.

If your house has a roof, it is crucial to occasionally check if it needs repair or any enhancement, because there are many incidents that a tornado tore off a roof!

Animals/pets protection

We could not exclude our little pets and animals. Make sure they are inside the house and not exposed to the outside!

How to protect yourself and your family inside the house

When it comes to your safety, it is important to remember that staying calm is the most important thing you can do during emergencies, because you will be able to react in a clear and fast way, without panicking!

Make sure in advance that you always have some necessities in your house, such as: water, food, flashlight, batteries and a first aid kit.

This is important, not only for tornados, but also for all kinds of natural disasters. Having the above mentioned necessities in your home, while letting the rest of your family know about them, it will help you have a good cooperation and relieve you from excessive stress.

You need to talk to your family about the prevention and safety measures against natural disasters that help you develop a common strategic plan that all family members can follow and thus you can stay safe and protected.

Lack of communication and preparation can be more dangerous than the emergency itself.

A plan like this also helps children feel safer. They need to be informed about these phenomena in an appropriate and understandable way, depending on their age, while you should also provide them with a solution, i.e. that the parents have already taken care of safety measures from such events, while they should know how to react if a phenomenon like this breaks out. Children want to know that there are solutions. This makes them feel safe.

If a tornado breaks out while we are in the house, we have to stay away from the windows and doors. If you don’t have a shelter or a basement for protection, you can stay in an interior hallway that doesn’t have windows close to it, while you need to protect both head and neck with your hands. A built-in wardrobe is also a good protection solution, if no other alternative exists. You should avoid rooms with external walls.

Tornado protection when you are in an outdoor area

If a storm breaks out while you’re outside, avoid passing under large trees, signs and generally areas where light objects could be detached and fall to the ground.

In the case that the tornado finds you while you’re on the road, check if you can quickly locate buildings with fixed structures or basement. If there is no building near you for shelter, you have to stay low to the ground and protect your head and neck with your hands.

The solution for financial damage is insurance

The power of nature leaves us feeling both fear and admiration at the same time. It is very useful for both the society and ourselves to be informed on how to act and stay safe against natural phenomena.

However, insurance is a decision of vital importance, because in such emergencies it can be a lifesaver for our home, since it will save us from financial consequences of any potential damage. You should always make sure that your insurance plan offers the appropriate coverage that will protect you from such phenomena.

By doing the best we can, we will also get the best possible results.

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